Terms and Conditions

Every reservation that you make will be subject to the conditions that are mentioned below for Low Cost Coach Hire as well as the particular booking requirement your selected Travel Provider provides Provider. You are required to double-verify that you have read, understood, and agree with both policies before booking a reservation.

Reasons for the Arrival of Service Delays

Low Cost Coach Hire cannot assume any responsibility or obligation in any way, shape, or form for any circumstances beyond its reasonable control that may cause a delay. It includes but is not limited to: traffic congestion; road accidents; poor weather conditions; and other such circumstances.
Both parties agree that delays in transportation, such as those caused by hiring a coach, are an unavoidable aspect of conducting business and do not constitute negligence on the part of the company that provides the service. Specifically, the parties are referring to situations in which the hiring of the coach caused delays.

Suppose, for any reason. The driver is forced to reroute the journey due to traffic. In that case, adverse weather conditions or any other unforeseeable reasons, and is unable to get the passengers to the destination on time, neither the driver nor Low Cost Coach Hire will be held liable for any loss that may be incurred as a result of this. It includes, but is not limited to, missed flights, paying extra for alternative transportation, missed events or lateness to meetings, etc.
Low Cost Coach Hire will not be held accountable for any damage that is caused and does not pay out any compensation under any circumstances; however, at the management’s option, they may enable the payment to be reimbursed. Low Cost Coach Hire In addition, Low Cost Coach Hire will not be held accountable if the vehicle assigned to the travel experiences a mechanical problem before or during the journey and we cannot locate a substitute vehicle.

Cancellation Policy

If the Customer cancels a booking in writing more than thirty days before the date of travel, the Customer will not be responsible for any additional costs to pay; all that they will lose is the initial deposit that they paid when they made the booking.

If the Customer cancels a booking less than thirty days before the date of travel, the Customer will be responsible for any additional costs to pay. Suppose the Customer cancels a reservation with Low Cost Coach Hire with significantly less than 30 days’ notice or on the day of travel. In that case, the Customer is liable for making full payment to Low Cost Coach Hire.

In the event that the client cancels their reservation, they will not get a return of the deposit. In the event that we are forced to cancel a trip, we will, if there is availability, transfer deposits to other excursions.

Requests for Reservations on the Coaches

At the very least seven days before the trip date that was originally indicated, all payments are required to be made in full before the booking procedure may be completed. If payment is not received within seven days, we will be forced to cancel your reservation, and you will lose any deposit that you have already made. In the event that multiple automobiles need to be evacuated from the road as a result of an accident or a breakdown in their mechanical components, it is possible that we will need to deploy several smaller vehicles in order to finish the journey.

Damages / Spillage`

It includes soft drinks, water, wine, alcohol, and any other form of liquid that has been accidentally spilled. In the event that the passengers cause any damage or mess, the driver will charge the passengers a minimum price of fifty pounds per incident.

Any fines that are accrued as a result of inappropriate usage, damage, or spills have to be paid in cash directly to the driver. Drinking is not authorised unless it has been discussed and agreed upon before the booking takes place; however, the driver may allow it at their discretion, but only if the driver has already given passengers permission to consume alcoholic beverages.

Extra hours, pick-ups, and deliveries

Any different drop-offs not included in the initial booking will be subject to an additional fee of at least £10–25 per drop at the driver’s discretion; the driver must be reimbursed cash for any amount that was charged. If for whatever reason, the client wants an additional stay by the driver, they are expected to make a minimum payment of £50 per hour in addition to an hourly rate of £50 after that. This requirement applies regardless of the cause of the customer’s demand. It is the case even if the driver can fulfill the customer’s criteria.

Procedures for Vehicle Mechanical Failures

If, for whatever reason, we experience a technical failure of a vehicle, we will be permitted to dispatch a different car as agreed upon or numerous smaller vehicles to finish the route. It applies even if the fault was caused by a car already operating. This authorization stays true, although the attempt was unsuccessful due to any cause. As a result, we are in a position to offer transportation services to our clients by establishing partnerships with many other outside vendors.