Blackpool Tower and Central Pier Ferris Wheel, Lancashire, England

5 Interesting Truths About Blackpool


When it involves prominent tourist destinations in the UK, Blackpool holds a unique area. This vivid town, as soon as a small angling village, has transformed into a dynamic center of background, society, and also amusement. From its legendary landmarks to its prominent yearly occasion, Blackpool provides a varied range of tourist attractions that astound visitors from worldwide. In this write-up, we will look into the intriguing history and unique offerings of Blackpool, while highlighting the ease of Coach Hire Oxford for a memorable journey.

Blackpool was as soon as a little angling town:

Centuries ago, Blackpool was a modest fishing town situated along the northwest coastline of England. With its proximity to the Irish Sea, the town grew on fishing as its primary industry. However, as Industrial Change took hold in the 19th century, Blackpool experienced a substantial change that would certainly shape its future.

The Blackpool Tower was influenced by the Eiffel Tower:

Among Blackpool’s many famous sites is the Blackpool Tower, a building marvel that stands tall at 158 meters. Integrated in 1894, the tower was influenced by the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Site visitors can enjoy spectacular panoramic sights from the top, discover the Tower Ballroom, or witness amazing performances at the Tower Circus.

Blackpool Illuminations are world-famous:

Annually, Blackpool is adorned with a phenomenon of lights throughout the Blackpool Illuminations, a stunning light show that brings in numerous visitors. This yearly occasion, which started in 1879, features over a million bulbs brightening the boardwalk, producing an enchanting screen that goes for six miles. Coach Hire Oxford offers a comfortable as well as a hassle-free method to witness this extraordinary spectacle.

Blackpool has its own tram system:

Navigating via Blackpool is made easy by its efficient cable car system, which has actually been operating since 1885. The legendary trams use a sentimental appeal while providing hassle-free transport to numerous destinations, including the Enjoyment Beach, the popular piers, and the vibrant community center. Passing by Coach Hire Oxford allows you to check out Blackpool’s cable car network easily.

Blackpool Pleasure Coastline has been around for over 120 years:

For thrill-seekers and also amusement park lovers, Blackpool Satisfaction Beach is a must-visit location. With a history spanning over 120 years, this iconic theme park flaunts a vast range of electrifying flights, live shows, and also family-friendly amusement. From classic wood roller rollercoasters to sophisticated attractions, Blackpool Enjoyment Beach provides something for everyone.


Blackpool is a town that seamlessly blends its rich background with a dynamic present. From its modest starts as an angling town to its world-famous illuminations as well as iconic tourist attractions like the Blackpool Tower as well as Enjoyment Coastline, this lively destination has mesmerized site visitors for generations. When planning a trip to Blackpool, think about the benefit as well as the comfort of Coach Hire Oxford, guaranteeing a seamless and satisfying experience as you check out the history, culture, and also entertainment this amazing town has to supply.

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